Manufacturing Assembly

Parts Manufacturing and Assembly Range

iPartsoutlet manages the assembly of LCD digitizer assemblies, housings, RF components, flex cables, and small parts according to its clients’ specific demands. Our experienced engineering capacities, in conjunction with competitive labor, allow us to deliver maximum value to our clients.

In many instances, we can combine multiple supply chains from separate locations; provide full control over initial quality assurance of individual components; assemble individual components into integrated solutions; and then, make certain tolerances realized on the final solution. Our goal is to meet every facet of our clients’ demands.

Manufacturing and Assembly Capacities

Our manufacturing and assembly capacities enable us to make the most use of the available resources. The processes we install from beginning to end are insured to save costs for our customers without having to sacrifice quality and on-time delivery. Our professional team has a good knowledge of consumer electronics. We also have a rich base of experience in parts manufacturing and assembly, which ensures a quality-assured and stable supply to our clients. We will provide our best service for you.

Sometimes parts are no longer manufactured, or there is especially no supply of goods in the market to meet demand. It is at that crucial time that we are able to utilize our current inventory of parts and/or resources to assemble them into the exact products required by our clients. If you can’t find the parts you need from the current market, please feel free to contact us.



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